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04 - Queenstown

Our annual Queenstown trip was another one to remember. Soaking in those crisp days, surrounded by rugged mountains, it is such a stark contrast to our usual terrain. While we have in the past enjoyed all of the usual tourist attractions, we now settle into a more relaxed vibe, choosing to take the day as it comes. A majority of our days were filled catching up with loved ones and exploring all kinds of parks and walks around the area. Queenstown If you're traveling to Queenstown, the first stop is always the lakefront, a simple walk from the ice arena, down through the gardens, around the lake and then into town is an instant hit of beautiful scenery. Moving from...

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03 - Abbylee Bonny

At first glance Abbylee's instagram is a curated dream, soft tones mixed with nature and an obvious love for ethical fashion and life in the slow lane. It is only when you explore deeper you understand the importance of having women like Abbylee popping up in your feed. She is a dreamer, an activist, an artist, a creator and an open book. She talks about the importance of slowing down, the pressures of being a woman and a mother in our age, financial burdens and the continual journey of lifes challenges. Sit down, take a moment and read our catch up with Abbylee. Looking at your instagram you can tell you have a deep appreciation for the simple things in life,...

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02 - Waiohine Gorge

To bring in 2019 we decided similar to last year we would go off the grid. Going away from power, reception, running water and any conveniences make you appreciate the bare basics in life and simplifies your thinking. We went to a beautiful DOC site at Waiohine Gorge which is about 20 minutes out of Grey Town in the Wairarapa. There are plenty of stores to stop into to grab local produce, organic meats and real fruit icecream before you venture into the secluded campsite. Located on the edge of 2 gorges, you can easily access an amazing swing bridge which takes you to the start of many beautiful walking tracks. I suggest turning right and walking about 20 minutes...

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