02 - Waiohine Gorge

To bring in 2019 we decided similar to last year we would go off the grid. Going away from power, reception, running water and any conveniences make you appreciate the bare basics in life and simplifies your thinking. We went to a beautiful DOC site at Waiohine Gorge which is about 20 minutes out of Grey Town in the Wairarapa. There are plenty of stores to stop into to grab local produce, organic meats and real fruit icecream before you venture into the secluded campsite.

Located on the edge of 2 gorges, you can easily access an amazing swing bridge which takes you to the start of many beautiful walking tracks. I suggest turning right and walking about 20 minutes until you reach a waterfall cascading down rocks set in a lush bush opening. I have no photos of this area because they simply did not do the setting justice, you have to witness it with your own eyes.  

Alternatively you can walk down through the bush to the base of a beautiful clear water river. Wade through a small area of river and you are greated by an amazing waterfall. The energy throughout this whole site is just amazing, I left feeling so rejuvenated. 

Spending 4 days away from the distractions of life made it so easy to spend quality time with our family. I cannot wait to revisit this beautiful site. 

Boys wear togs by Zulu and Zephyr, flower shorts by Pop Factory, tonal t shirts and shorts by Beiged.
Shelley wears green shorts and white linen singlet by Beiged, swimwear by Lonely, white hat by Marle, straw hat by Lack of Colour.