04 - Queenstown

Our annual Queenstown trip was another one to remember. Soaking in those crisp days, surrounded by rugged mountains, it is such a stark contrast to our usual terrain. While we have in the past enjoyed all of the usual tourist attractions, we now settle into a more relaxed vibe, choosing to take the day as it comes. A majority of our days were filled catching up with loved ones and exploring all kinds of parks and walks around the area.


If you're traveling to Queenstown, the first stop is always the lakefront, a simple walk from the ice arena, down through the gardens, around the lake and then into town is an instant hit of beautiful scenery. Moving from restaurant to restaurant to enjoy good wine and food and burning energy off in-between by exploring new places.  Noticable food mentions include Madam Woo, Pedro's House of Lamb, Jervois Steak House and Akarua Wines & Kitchen by Artisan.  

Up the mountain with the boys where they were more than happy to play around in the snow for hours, climbing up hills and sliding down, making snowmen and of course a good old dirty snow ball fight. To burn off excess energy we also found the park out in Hanleys Farm to be an incredible experience, if you have kids with you, this is a must visit (Note: Take scooters or bikes for the pump track!).

The Quintessential experience of Queenstown tourism should also dictate you must swing past Fergburger and the cookie time factory.


I can highly recommend a day exploring Arrowtown. A walk along the river nestled below the beautiful peaks shows the old Chinese settlement, with wee shacks plotted along the walkway, some freestanding and some protruding from the mountain rock. Strolling through the town is a visual delight, its charming facades and small village hospitality makes it a real stand out. If your due a bite to eat, the chop shop serves up amazing satay bao buns (a dish I've had to go back to, two years in a row and crave in between visits!). Also I can't go past slow cuts, with their delicious burgers, sandwiches and sides. If travelling with younger kids or you have a sweet tooth yourself, a quick trip in to the Remarkables Sweets shop is always a crowd pleaser, don't forget to sample their home made fudge. 

Beau wears matching Beiged tracksuit. Mason wears Beiged sweatpants in mustard and Rylee & Cru hoodie. Both boys wear Mckinlay boots available from Beiged Store. Shelley wears the Textured cotton dress in white from Beiged. 


A trip over the crown range is an event in itself, full panoramic views of the valley are breathtaking. In the winter months the dustings or heavy cover of snow is a visual feast. What still amazes me about the south is the tonal continuity that flows from mountains, to vegetation, to landscape and even home exteriors. This constant neutral pallet is very satisfying. On the other side of the crown range lyes Wanaka, a more relaxed suburb than the sprawling Queenstown. Here we enjoyed a trip to the lake accompanied by some fish n chips and a good frolic in the stony shores. We loved exploring the little town and playing at the skate park. If you have time for a wee dabble around the shops, the Wilson and Dorset showroom is beautiful. Luxurious designer sheepskin products that feel like a cloud is enveloping around you. Another mention would have to be the Wanaka Lavender Farm, while we visited after pruning had just been finished it was still beautiful. Such a cheap activity for the boys to run wild through the rows of lavender, feed the farm animals and ask plenty of questions about the bee hives. A lavender real fruit ice cream is always a win to top off the trip!

Both boys wear Beiged children wear 01 collection and Mckinlay boots. Beau also wears a Summer and Storm knit Cardi. Shelley wears the Beiged knit kimono in brown and the textured cotton white dress from Beiged.