10 - Trina Cary

I have been a big fan of Trina's work for some time, the raw diverse beauty of her work is simply breath taking. Her photos have such an emotive power and I highly recommend diving in deep to her portfolio on her website, it truely is inspirational. I asked Trina to tell us a bit about herself...

My name is Trina, I am 27, a summer Leo baby. I'm a mix between a simple country gal and a free loving eclectic hippy. I've been interested in photography since I was 10 and my parents got me my first film camera, always viewing the world differently when I have a viewfinder to see it through.

Photography is my therapy, my release, my expression, my freedom, my love...

There is a very distinct feel to your work, you have beautifully created an intimate aesthetic that is truly unique, what drew you to this style of photography?
Nothing drew me to it specifically, it's just who I become over time whilst living through experiences. I think like all artists I am always evolving and moving into different stages of my life with my art. But I have always been drawn to the raw, the untouched, the unedited world. I like to see beauty in things others might overlook. 

What is your favourite setting to shoot? 
I'm not sure I have a favourite type of session but I love capturing women.

Their insecurities, their glow, their vulnerability and power. They inspire me.

What advice do you give to other aspiring photographers?

Be yourself and clients will come. Don't buy all the presets and perfect dresses and only shoot at golden hour. Be free, create art, inspire yourself first and foremost. 

What's inspiring you at the moment?
Sex haha. I am obsessed with sex being art. I think there is so much beauty in intimacy.

Do you have any mottos or quotes that you live by or revert to for solace?
What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. - Friedrich Nietzsche 
Something my father always said to me growing up.