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09 - Wild Kinship

Conversations with conscious entrepreneurs

This book is a must read for any entrepreneurs and a definitely should read for everybody else. Monique travelled around New Zealand and Australia documenting the journeys of a range of different businesses from cafe owners to menstrual cup innovators, and the common thread? They all have a deep sense of responsibility for how their businesses impact the wellbeing of our world and their communities.

"I think it's the designer's responsibility to take care of the end result of their product" - Gosia Piatek, founder of Kowtow  

It is such a refreshing perspective to read about people that are stepping away from the traditional model of profit maximisation and growth and following a more genuine, empathetic and holistic approach to their businesses. You can feel their passion through these pages and it is impossible not to be inspired by their journeys. 

"We don't have everything mapped out with targets we want to hit or anything, we still want our lifestyle to come first" - Amanda founder of Church Farm General Store

As a mother to two young children and running my business here at Beiged I was comforted reading that others like myself valued their time and lifestyle above growth. Many business books are orientated around growth and profit so I found I resonated so much with the messages within these pages, that our businesses are also about our communities, our lifestyles and the wider world. After reading I was left inspired and full of a great sense of hope that people are seeing a new type of way to define success and through that we can heal ourselves, our people and our world.

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Wild Kinship author, Monique is pictured below in our Lola wrap skirt in black and our Emil Knit tee in fawn.